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                Regular Guy is an autobiography that chronicles the author's younger years: college, Vietnam, travel, girls and business.  

              But he has other material to work with besides travel,  He has have been married five times (He has lots to say about that), starting and owning several businesses (He has  lots to say about that), and getting older (he has lots to say about that too).  




          Ecuador is the true story about a young man who visits Ecuador, gets a job at his friends company, is almost killed in an automobile accident and is then held responsible for the deaths of his fellow passengers by the Ecuadorian government.  Why is he responsible?  Because he is still alive. 

          Caught in a political struggle between the Ecuadorian government and the owners of a foreign company, he must find a way to leave the country without the authorities knowing.  That accomplished, he flys back to the US only to be greated by the FBI who wants to have a chat.



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