Author Jan R McDonald


   This is the story of a Hispanic boy and girl; forgotten children growing up in a hostile world.
  Left to fend for themselves, they are preyed upon by drug dealers, immigration agents and their own peers but somehow, Alex and Julia find a way to survive on the streets of El Paso. 


A Series Novel by Jan R McDonald

           DILLARD ROSS
                    The Ukraine Files
     Sukelov ignored the small figure on the ground, knowing that the rifle’s fire would do no damage but he stopped smiling when he saw the vapor trail from the M-72 as it launched its’ rocket. 
    Forty years later, Dillard Ross looked out of the   airliners’ small window.  The reflection showed an old man staring back at him and he wondered why he couldn’t see himself.                 Suddenly called back into service and put on a plane to the Ukraine, Chief Warrant Officer Dillard Ross (Ret.) had to wonder how good this decision really was.

A Series Novel by Jan R McDonald

           DILLARD ROSS
            The Kuril Islands Dispute

     The Kuril Islands dispute continues between Japan and Russia. Hampered by Japan’s decision to side with the Ukraine against Russia’s invasion, no one sees a resolution in the immediate future.  
   But unknown to Japan and Russia, other players are involved and now so is Dillard Ross.

The People of the Book Part 1

  A Man considered a terrorist by the United States discovers a plot to kill millions of innocent people.  He needs help but the only man that can help him is in a US prison for killing his wife.

  A middle-eastern terrorist, and Israeli spy and a convicted murderer form an alliance that takes them to several foreign countries and presents them with many opportunities to die.

People of the Book Part 2


   In Book 2, Toby and Mosella again partner up.

   Admitting that Mohammed is their best chance for defeating the terrorist group Mobarez, the CIA and Mossad have agreed to support Toby and Mosella in finding him.  But finding Mohammed is the easy part, what comes next is the impossible.

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